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Continuing Education

South Colonie offers continuing education for all adults. Minimum fees are charged for registration, instruction and materials. A brochure listing the course offerings is mailed to all residents in August and December and classes begin each September and January. For registration times, contact the office at 869-3576, ext. 2443, or view the course booklet available on the right side of this web page. 

Pilates Instructor to be Inducted Into National Fitness Hall of Fame

Diane H. Hart, a longtme Pilates instructor with the South Colonie Continuing Education program, will join the likes of Jack LaLanne, Jane Fonda, Vic Tanny, Tamilee Webb, Tony Little, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gilad Janklowicz, Leslie Sansone and other top industry professionals as the 2017 Inductee of The National Fitness Hall of Fame (NFHOF). Based on Diane’s meritorious career and high achievements in fitness and Health Education, the NFHOF welcomes her to the family of elite fitness professionals for a career spent helping others get fit and stay healthy. Diane is being inducted into the Hall of Fame Class of 2017 as a Health Educator and Fitness Professional. more information

Sign Up Today For Spring Continuing Education Classes

Sign up today for South Colonie's spring slate of Adult Continuing Education courses. The new coursebook has just been released. spring coursebook (pdf)

Course changes, cancellations, full courses

Course name Day Instructor Course status
Coed Volleyball Tuesday (FP) Layman Full


Important information about the south colonie continuing education program



Remember: New York State public schools are all DRUG FREE ZONES, and that includes tobacco products. Smoking is not allowed ANYWHERE on school property.


Registration is open to all adults, both residents and nonresidents of South Colonie. Registrants must be 21 years of age or older unless otherwise stated in the class/course description. NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 21 MAY ACCOMPANY REGISTRANTS TO CLASS.


Because Continuing Education is a self-sustaining program it is necessary to have a minimum of 12 full-fee participants enrolled in a course before it can be held. All courses are filled on a “first come, first served” basis.


All vehicles must be in designated parking areas only, NOT IN CIRCLES. VIOLATORS MAY BE TICKETED OR TOWED.


Residents of the South Colonie School District, age 60 or older, may use their Courtesy Cards for the purpose of participation in the Program of Continuing Education at no cost, unless otherwise noted. Additional fees for books and materials are not waived for senior citizens. Courtesy Cards are available at the South Colonie District Office, Colonie Town Hall and Beltrone Senior Center.


This program is offered by the Capital Region BOCES for all students 18 or older who lack a high school diploma and have left school. The program features instruction by a certified teacher in the five areas of study to prepare for the GED exam. Initial assessment is done to determine the student's needs, and an individualized education plan is developed to accommodate each student. In addition, employment preparation skills are offered to those students who are entering the work force. Call 862-4775 to register.


This special program is offered by the Capital Region BOCES for adults 21 years of age and older who cannot attend classes. Individualized packets of instruction are delivered to the library nearest your home every two weeks for you to pick up. You work at home at your own pace, and may call your teacher at BOCES if you need help or have questions. At the end of the two weeks, you return your packet to the library and pick up your next assignments. The program is free and you may register by calling BOCES Adult Education at 862-4775 between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

ESOL - (English for Speakers of Other Languages Class)

The Capital Region BOCES conducts classes for all levels of non-English speakers who need further study in English reading and writing. You will also learn about American traditions and customs. The program is free to adults 21 years and older. Class is contingent on number enrolled. Please see brochure for details regarding times and dates, or call 862-4775 to register.

ESOL HOME STUDY PROGRAM - (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

The Capital Region BOCES offers a program that allows non-native English speakers who are 21 years of age or over to study English at home. Individualized packets of instruction are delivered to the library nearest your home every two weeks. You pick up the packet, complete the work, and return it to your library on the next drop off/pick up date. You may call your teacher at BOCES if you need help during the two weeks. This program is free to adults 21 years and older. To register for this program call 862-4775.

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