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Teens and Dating: Protect Yourself


Date Rape Prevention Tips

Date rape is a topic that few people are truly comfortable discussing. Below are some things you should remember about date and acquaintance rape . . . whether you are male or female.

  • Date rape is a power trip.

  • Rapists aren't always strangers.

  • Date rape is about power, control, and anger--not romance and passion.

  • When someone you know--a date, boyfriend, or casual friend-- forces you to have sex, it's still rape.

  • Date rape is a serious crime. It's a betrayal of trust and can leave long-lasting emotional injuries.

  • Let's look at sexual stereotyping and how men and women talk to each other.

  • Although things are changing, society still frequently encourages men to be competitive and aggressive and teaches women to be passive and avoid confrontation,

  • Men often misunderstand a woman's words and actions -- the "She said no, but she meant yes" excuse.

  • Some people still believe that it's okay for a man to demand sex if he buy a woman dinner or gifts, and that it's not wrong for a man to rape a woman who previously had sex with him or other men.

As a Woman, You Can...

  • Talk openly about sex, and keep talking as you get deeper into a relationship.

  • Be careful not to let alcohol or other drugs decrease your ability to take care of yourself and make sensible decisions.